"i've got to leave and write my own tragedies"

"so when I’m ready to be bolder, and my cuts have healed with time; comfort will rest on my shoulder,and i'll bury my future behind." unapologetic blaine stan.derek hale will be my demise. about me


Like Mother, Like Daughter


I don't have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses. 
I just have voices in my head.


I am so bad at conversation I’m sorry if u have ever tried to talk to me omg

he goes to pieces when i’m not around

It’s called a TARDIS, but it’s disguised as an old police phone box. And it’s bigger on the inside than the outside. And we travel the universe in it.



[writes paper] this doesnt make any sense [prints it] [doesn’t proofread] [hands it in for a grade]

[gets 80%] HOW???????

Right. So. The way I see it is… we say it was self-defence. And we do that because…well, Gina was suffering from…Stockholm Syndrome. Which is actually quite common in assistants with demanding bosses. The affair was just an example of how far Mr Kaufman’s…brainwashing of Gina went. He…made her fall in love with him. So in this way her…poisoning him was…an act of self-defence. [The class giggles.]



Hardest thing to answer: Describe yourself.

i.e. how do i talk about my positives without sounding cocky and negatives without coming across as self depreciating 

I always wanted more Dean in the Harry Potter movies just ‘cause Dean is awesome. But after watching Alfred Enoch in how to get away with murder? Now I feel downright deprived.


Martha Jones is a black female doctor who Shakespare wrote sonnets about she saved the world using a spell from Harry Potter and then she traveled the world and saved it from the master and she didn’t need something magical about her to save the world
So please explain to me why you hate martha


i never understood how in movies the parents didnt believe in Santa but he was actually real like who the fuck did the parents think put the presents under the tree like what

And I’ve always been a daughter
But feathers are meant for the sky


there are people that use their phone in the bathroom and there are people that lie


Working in customer service